Join the road to better health and wellness by choosing between one of our expert services.

1. Pain Relief
2. Injury Rehabilitation/Recovery
3. Fitness
4. Diet Advice/Weight loss
5. Massage
6. Instructor Training 


Each service at Bodyworks Subiaco is tailored to your needs.


Bodyworks Subiaco has only the best physiotherapists. We strive to help you achieve the results you expect with the best possible experience and long lasting success.




Rehabilitation pilates is our physiotherapists and rehab specialists correcting your biomechanical failures that are causing your pain. Any issues that are due to posture, sport’s technique or chronic (pain for longer than three months) need rehab to get your movement patterns back to normal/optimal to get rid of your pain.


Fitness Pilates at Bodyworks combines correct movement, form and function so you can reach your personal fitness goals, exercise safely and improve the biomechanics of your body!

Additional Services


Together, realistic short-term and long-term nutrition goals will be developed and recommendations will be provided to suit your lifestyle. A personalised diet plan will take you one step closer to achieving optimum health.

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A specialised massage, at your preferred pressure. We use a method of manipulating the soft tissue of the body by understanding what anatomy is underneath the skin.

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Pilates Training
Pre & Post Natal

We are with you on your journey to welcoming baby! With our (safe) Pre Natal Matwork classes to keep you and baby healthy and Post Natal Rehab classes to ensure you can return to fitness with your baby.

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We offer 1:1 Sports Rehabilitation with a Physio, Athletic Strength Stretch & Conditioning and CORE Functional Fitness classes for athletes. These classes emphasise the technique required to execute correct biomechanics of movements required in sports whilst taking the body through range and aiding joint nutrition and prevention of injury.


We combine correct movement, form and function to provide you with a safe, fun and effective work out. Try one of our introductory packages to determine which long-term pilates routine is best for you. We offer Reformer, CORE Functional Fitness, Matwork, ZEN*GA and Total Barre classes!

$ 49 Unlimited Matwork

  • This intro pack is perfect for those who know they only want to try our classes that include the Mat and the Barre! 
  • This price includes all of the following classes for the two week introductory period:
  • UNLIMITED Pilates Matwork (Essential, Dynamic, ZEN*GA, Mystery)
  • UNLIMITED Pre Natal Matwork

$150 New to Pilates

  • This Introductory Package is ideal for those who are new to Pilates or new to our studio, looking to learn the Pilates five basic principles and feel the benefits from Reformer and Matwork pilates. Start off with correct technique and enthusiasm!
  • Intro Package Includes:
  • 2 Private Sessions – 45 minutes with a qualified instructor (available morning, afternoon, evening)
  • 2 Reformer Group Classes (Essential, Power, Cardio, CORE Functional Fitness)
  • 1 Matwork/Barre Class 

Bodyworks Team

Rebecca is one of our top rehab and pilates instructors.  She  started dancing at the age of 3 specialising in jazz, tap, acrobatics, ballet and teaches our Total Barre classes.

Christina is a qualified physiotherapist, since completing her degree she has trained as a STOTT PILATES Rehabilitation instructor as well as attending a course in Broome that enhanced her knowledge on the identification and management of pelvic and lower back pain.

Grant integrates manual therapy (including dry needling) and exercise prescription to progress his patients to full function. He is certified in the STOTT PILATES REHAB and Fitness Courses and applies this to his one-on-one rehabilitation and group classes.

Lisa has a keen interest in solving the cases that other therapists continue to treat without resolution. She respects the timely nature of the correct treatment at the correct stage of the condition and therefore does a mix of early hands on physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation of chronic conditions. Her attention to detail and personalised care approach will leave you understanding a clear path to resolution every time.


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