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Ensuring your diet is nutritionally adequate does not have to be hard work and can improve your physical and mental health.

Description of services:

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Review of medical and diet history Assessment of current dietary intake and nutritional status Development of manageable and achievable goals Tailored recommendations to meet patient-centred goals Individual support and motivation

Some diet related health issues often requiring nutrition advice:

Weight management Diabetes (Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational diabetes) High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Gastrointestinal disorders, Food allergies, Intolerances, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding paediatric nutrition, Sports nutrition, Malnutrition, Oncology Geriatric nutrition, and Polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Nutrition Initial Consultation

This initial consultation with the Dietitian will involve an assessment of your pre-completed 3-day diet record, which will be sent to you upon booking. This consultation will also involve an objective assessment of your diet history, medical history, available recent blood results and physical measurements (if relevant). The Dietitian will explore your reasons for the visit and discuss any presenting signs or symptoms. Together, realistic short-term and long-term goals will be developed and recommendations will be provided to suit your lifestyle. A personalised diet plan will take you one step closer to achieving optimum health. 90 minutes as recommended.

Nutrition Short Consult       

A short follow-up consultation with the Dietitian will involve a review of your progress. This appointment is recommended for those who encounter minor challenges with their diet plan but require individual support. This session will help consolidate your changes and advance you towards your goal. 20 minutes

Nutrition Standard Consult       

A standard follow-up consultation is recommended in most cases to maximise nutrition input and results. This session will include an evaluation of your progress, discussion of any challenges and a review of your diet plan. Your diet plan will be adjusted according to your needs. If you are struggling with motivation or ready to move to the next  40 minutes 

Nutrition Extended Consult       

An extended follow-up consultation with the Dietitian is required for those with complex dietary requirements or need specialist advice. During this session the Dietitian will review any signs, symptoms and physical changes related to your dietary intake and eating behaviours. Your diet plan will be adjusted or renewed according to your needs and lifestyle. If you are unsure whether this session is for you, don’t hesitate to contact the Bodyworks staff. 60 minutes