Meet The Team

Our team of qualified health care professionals have one aim at Bodyworks Subiaco. That is to give you the best service and evidence based treatment that is as individual as you.

Lisa Marie Zorzi

Lisa Zorzi @ Bodyworks Subiaco

Physiotherapist-BPhysio (Hons)
World Masters in Scoliosis Conservative Management (Physician Training)

Lisa has a keen interest in solving the cases that other therapists continue to treat without resolution. She respects the timely nature of the correct treatment at the correct stage of the condition and therefore does a mix of early hands on physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation of chronic conditions that is necessary for any condition that isn’t traumatic. Her attention to detail and personalised care approach will leave you understanding a clear path to resolution every time.

Lisa graduated from University of Notre Dame with Honours and is now up skilled in anatomical acupuncture, pelvic mobilisation/manipulation and is the only STOTT PILATES Rehab Instructor Trainer in Australasia. Learning from her own scoliosis, and always searching for answers means Lisa has travelled throughout the world, Wisconsin/Italy and Prague to do advance world leading training in evidence based scoliosis physiotherapy techniques including BSPTS Schroth and SEAS techniques.

Lisa shows a level of empathy that many other therapists wont, due to her understanding what being in pain is like, and steps to resolution. She is also always striving to make sure she is at the forefront of scoliosis treatment and education to make sure she is helping her scoliosis patients like no one else.

2017 was a big year for Lisa and Mathew (her other half) welcoming their daughter, Ada and more recently in 2019 Vea, now being the proud mother of two beautiful girls.

Lisa’s long-term career goals are to complete her PhD in scoliosis treatment methods especially in teens, creating long-term change to the way Scoliosis is managed in Australia. Lisa prides herself in working as part of the multi-disciplinary team for all conditions; she loves working with doctors, surgeons, osteopaths and other health care professionals to get the best results for her patients, creating relationships and working with others just eases patients’ minds and this is what she continues to instil in her team.


BSPTS C1 & C2 Schroth Scoliosis Specialist
SEAS Level 1 & 2 Accredited Specialist
ISICO World Masters in Scoliosis Conservative Management (Physician Training)
STOTT PILATES Rehab Instructor Trainer
STOTT PILATES Full Certification
AAP Dry Needle Therapist (Advanced Upper and Lower Limb)
AMTA Pelvic Girdle & SIJ Physiotherapist

Natasha Green

Natasha Green @ Bodyworks Subiaco

Physiotherapist (BPhysio) (Hons)

Natasha is a qualified Physiotherapist who studied at The University of Notre Dame in Perth Western Australia. She graduated with a first-class honours degree in Transfemoral Amputee Biomechanical Movement. During her studies she was a sports trainer for the National Wheelchair Basketball team. Amputees and Chronic Neurological conditions is what makes Natasha’s brain tick and she is dedicated to finding new ways to improve every one of her patients’ quality of life.

Since completing her degree, she worked at Bodyworks Subiaco, where she sought continual professional growth and has become a STOTT PILATES Rehabilitation Instructor, Pelvic Girdle, SIJ and Dry Needle Therapist, as well as hosting guest lecturers at The University of Notre Dame on amputee biomechanics. Natasha travelled overseas to work in the national health hospital system in England, working with patients in intensive care, neurology, orthopaedic, medical, surgical, respiratory and amputees. Through these experiences, Natasha has discovered her passion for amputee biomechanics and neurology and looks to develop this further in her career. Since returning to Perth she has completed a Amputee Rehab Course in Melbourne and wants to offer private treatment to amputee patients’, a lacking area of physiotherapy in Perth.

Natasha is a positive and caring person, who utilises her physiotherapy skills and evidence-based practice manual therapy techniques, for holistic management and pain prevention. This approach allows her patients to feel as though they are being cared for, whilst working towards their individual goals.

In her spare time Natasha enjoys keeping active and exploring the outdoors whilst spending time with her family and friends.


Physiotherapist (Honours)
Lower Limb Amputee Rehabilitation Physiotherapist
Dry Needle Therapist (Acupuncture)
AMTA Pelvic Girdle & SIJ Physiotherapist

Dayna Fimmano

Dayna @ Bodyworks Subiaco

Physiotherapist (BSc Physio)

Dayna originated from Harvey, in the states southwest and is a qualified Physiotherapist from Curtin University. Dayna has completed her STOTT PILATES training, and is a AAP Dry Needling therapist.  She has two particular interests in physiotherapy; chronic pain and sporting injuries. Dayna has had experience working as a sports trainer at various WAAFL and WAFL clubs, focusing on injury management and treatment.

Dayna also has an interest in chronic pain and it’s relationship with back pain. Dayna works closely with the multi-disciplinary team to help manage complex spinal patients’ in a rehab exercise capacity to get you moving safely and in a safe environment, finding a new interest in Scoliosis.  This is not to underestimate her manual therapy skills to address your acute aches and pains and to give you much needed day to day relief.

Dayna acknowledges patient goals, and implements evidence based physiotherapy, to get your diagnosis and movement problems under control.  She understands the frustration with injuries and movement dysfunction affecting quality of life, having worked through her own complaints to complete the Rottnest Channel Swim as part of a team for the past two years.


BSPTS Scoliosis Physiotherapist

AMTA Pelvic Girdle & SIJ Physiotherapist

Dry Needle Therapist


Caroline Peos

Caroline @ Bodyworks Subiaco

Physiotherapist  BSc (Physio)

Caroline is a Physiotherapist who completed her training at Curtin University. She is originally from the small southwest town of Manjimup and came to work in Perth in 2013.

While playing Netball and Basketball, Caroline sustained recurrent lower limb injuries, so she understands the importance of a strong rehab foundation that is required, for successful and meaningful return to sport or work. She has a keen interest in using hands on therapy and exercise programs, to help her patients regain mobility and manage pain, with a focus on lower limb, knee, ankles and hip therapy.

She has completed her STOTT PILATES training and finds she enjoys the intricacies of working on biomechanics and fine-tuning someone’s movements to prevent pain to allow them to regain form and quality of life. She combines hands on treatment to allow people to get moving and then makes sure they move properly until they are back to pre-injury/pre-pain function.

In her free time Caroline enjoys travelling, visiting friends and family down south and spending time at the beach.



Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy)
APA Dry Needle Therapist
STOTT PILATES Matwork & Reformer Instructor
AMTA Pelvic Girdle & SIJ Physiotherapist

Kate Millman

Kate Millman

Physiotherapist Bsc (Physio)

Kate is a Physiotherapist who has a special interest and extensive training in Paediatric development and has recently extended this interest to include evidence-based scoliosis treatment, by travelling to the US to do post graduate training.

Originally from Manjimup in the states South West, Kate completed her Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) degree at Curtin University and moved to Perth to work with the Child Development Service of WA. She then took her skills and expertise to the UK to continue to grow her knowledge base, also working with children throughout the UK whilst her partner played high level cricket, an experience both personally and professionally that Kate draws on regularly, and on returning to Perth is soon to married.

Kate has a niche physiotherapy interest in paediatrics and child development, working with children and their families treating conditions, such as development delay, toe walking, baby’s head shape, hyper-mobility, coordination difficulties, torticollis (neck muscles contract, causing the head to twist to one side), plagiocephaly (flat head/asymmetrical head development) and gait abnormalities as well as now turning her hand and lovely nature to scoliosis management which often involves some of these other speciality conditions such as hyper-mobility.

Kate has completed her BSPTS Scoliosis Schroth Physiotherapist training, Kate is true asset to the Bodyworks and the Perth Scoliosis team with her extensive background and caring nature required to work with children, adolescents and their families in these times of stress. She has a proactive approach to the care, so is the person to see when any parent is worried and will ensure to deal with your developing child where a delay is present and make sure they are achieving physical milestones, such as crawling, walking, posture and clumsiness with running, jumping or ball skills.

Additionally, Kate is a STOTT PILATES instructor giving her yet another tool to help manage patients with her understanding the complexity of movement, pain and injuries that can affect quality of life of her patients and how best to treat and manage this kind of pain. She manages our new born to late teen-age groups

In her free time, Kate enjoys taking her dog for walks, and culinary events from around the world.


Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy)
BSPTS C1 Scoliosis Specialist Physical Therapist
STOTT PILATES Mat Instructor
Pilates Training Institute Prenatal Training Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy)

Naomi Fowler

Naomi @ Bodyworks Subiaco

Physiotherapy BSc Distinction

Naomi has a passion for helping people learn how to better care for their health & lives to see people empowered to take charge of their own journey towards wellbeing. She loves to teach her patients how the human body works and to explain to them in easy-to-understand terms, the steps to take to achieve their goals.

Naomi graduated from Curtin University with distinction & has since been adding to her knowledge and skill set in Physiotherapy to now have dry needling, pilates and most recently BSPTS scoliosis-specific therapies as options to provide her patients with well-rounded, individualised management plans.

Naomi lives with her husband, Ben, and teaches part-time at Curtin University - staying up-to-date with current scientific theory & working in close proximity to the researchers paving the way towards new insights in the health science field.

In the future, Naomi looks forward to working with a diverse range of professionals as part of the multi-disciplinary team connected to Bodyworks Subiaco to expand Physiotherapy and especially scoliosis-specific services to reach more people in WA.


Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy)Distinction
BSPTS C1 Scoliosis Therapist
APA Dry Needling Therapist

Shelby Anthony

Shelby @ Bodyworks Subiaco

Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Shelby completed her Graduate Diploma of Clinical Exercise Physiology and Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at the University of Notre Dame. Shelby has been dancing since she could walk and pursued this interest into fulltime classical ballet training.

After completing her Advanced Two exams in the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, Shelby enrolled in university to explore her passion with human movement and further her knowledge of the benefits of exercise.

She started teaching ballet and conditioning classes and discovered a love for instructing.  Since then, Shelby has grown her desire for helping people further understand their bodies and now wants to help her clients manage their pain and chronic conditions through movement.

Shelby believes that self-efficacy and education is fundamental to any rehabilitation program; she works to enable clients to take charge of their recovery.  When she isn't in the studio, Shelby is spending time with her husband and rescue greyhound.



Graduate Diploma of Clinical Exercise Physiology

Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science

STOTT PILATES Rehabilitation Instructor

STOTT PILATES Mat & Reformer Instructor

Total Barre Instructor

Certified Progressing Ballet Technique Teacher

Rebecca Andrews

Rebecca @ Bodyworks Subiaco

Physiotherapy Assistant

Rebecca started dancing at the age of 3 specialising in jazz, tap, acrobatics and ballet. From the age of 13 she started teaching, cheerleading for the Eagles, Wildcats and The Perth Heat then danced professionally around Australia. Rebecca completed a Diploma in Beauty Therapy then continued further study in Dermal Science, which lead to lecturing and teaching others. Which is what inspired her to teach others to become Pilates instructors through STOTT PILATES.

In between all that she managed to get married (twice) and have five beautiful children. It was not long after she found herself with a back injury; apparently pelvic floor and core muscles are really important (who knew).

After Physiotherapy, she was recommended to do Pilates. The opportunity arose to take the STOTT Reformer Course and since completed other STOTT PILATES courses, including Matwork, Barre Attack and Total Barre. She has now qualified as a STOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer and loves to train other aspiring instructors to be the best in the industry. She is working on extending her knowledge in fascial training and mobilisation. Rebecca strives to better herself everyday and enjoys sharing her knowledge and life experiences with others.


STOTT PILATES Mat & Reformer Instructor Trainer
STOTT PILATES Full Certification Instructor
STOTT PILATES Rehabilitation Instructor
Total Barre & Barre Attack Instructor
Total Barre Instructor Trainer

Yasuko Nelthorpe

Yasuko @ Bodyworks Subiaco

Remedial Massage

Yasuko holds Diploma in Remedial Massage and Bowen Therapy, and is a qualified provider for all health fund rebates in both modalities.

Yasuko has a strong passion to achieve the greatest lasting result by treating not only presenting symptoms such as pain or discomfort but the actual hidden cause.

Yasuko uses her intensive musculoskeletal assessment and palpation skills as well as various style of massage, such as deep tissue, fascial release, muscle energy technique, or trigger point to tailor for the client's individual needs, as well as supplying a care plan to take home.

Yasuko started her career in the health care industry treating clients with neurological conditions. Along with Bowen therapy, Yasuko offers her skills to wide range of clients with increased needs, such as newborns, work related injuries, disabilities and athletes.

Miyuki Saito

Miyuki @ Bodyworks Subiaco

Remedial Massage Therapist

Miyuki is a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and a healer who has a natural gift of healing touch and a passion to help people. Trained by Japanese acupuncturist and studied at Australian Institute of Fitness with 8 years of practice. Miyuki’s treatments are focused on total wellbeing, with holistic approach to align imbalanced physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of health. The techniques Miyuki uses are; Deep tissue, Trigger Point, Myofascial release, Shiatsu, MET, PRT, Reiki and energy therapy.

Rebecca Rigoni

Rebecca @ Bodyworks Subiaco

Pilates Instructor

Rebecca originally began her career as a Chartered Corporate Accountant, specialising in the Mining and resources sector for over 10 years. Upon discovering Pilates as part of her fitness regime to combat the extended periods of daily work desk life, she decided to pursue a Certificate in Pilates.

Upon discovering a passion for Health, Wellbeing and witnessing the preventative strengthening, conditioning and rehabilitative function of Pilates, Rebecca became a full time instructor.
Qualified in Pilates Matwork, Boxilates, Barre and Reformer Pilates, she continues to develop and increase her knowledge in the Pilates sector. As one of our most enthusiastic trainers you will always get a lot out of classes taught by Rebecca and we love having her here at Bodyworks Subiaco. In her spare time she enjoys training for running events, social outings with friends and volunteering for animal rescues. She has a soft spot for her cute kittens she often fosters although don’t let that think she won’t work you hard because she will.



Certificate in Matwork Pilates (PFIWA)
Barre 2.0 Certificate

Fiona Thompson

Fiona Thompson

Pilates Instructor

A few years ago Fiona suffered from a back injury at work, which resulted in two disc protrusions in the lower back. She was told she would need spinal surgery but that was a risk she wasn’t willing to take. Post injury Fiona began rehabilitation Pilates and within three months she had no back pain and continues to have no pain.

Fiona decided she wanted to educate herself so she could assist others with the recovery, strength, knowledge and above all fun that Pilates offers! Fiona is a STOTT PILATES trained Instructor in reformer, matwork and soon to be Total Barre.
When not teaching at Bodyworks, she looks after her beautiful little boy Leo who is full of energy and keeps Fi on her toes.



Tiffany Laue

Tiffany Laue

Pilates Instructor

With her great passion for music and movement, Tiffany is one of our most enthusiastic Barre instructors. She has a background of performing arts, manual therapies and holistic kinesiology and recently has embarked on the STOTT Pilates pathway doing the Matwork and Barre course. Tiffany loves teaching her classes, learning new things and passing on her knowledge to anyone that is interested.

When she isn’t in the studio, Tiffany is kept busy by her two year old, Amelia who also loves to dance! She is also expecting baby number two in June 2019.


STOTT PILATES Matwork and Barre
Diploma of Kinesiology, Neuro-Energetic Kinesiology Institute
Associate Teachers Certificate, The Imperial Society of Teacher’s of Dancing
Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary medicine), Charles Sturt University
Diploma of Integrated Body Therapies, Australian College of Natural Therapies
Certificate IV of Performing Arts, Brent Street

Liana Nici

Liana Nici

Dietitian (MDiet) & Nutritionist (BSc)

After completing both a Bachelor of Science (Nutrition) and Master of Dietetics at Curtin University, Liana is both a qualified Nutritionist and Dietitian (Provisional APD). Striving to find the balance between life, food and fitness has lead her to have a passion for helping others establish this balance as well as a positive relationship between food and health in order for them to be the healthiest version of themselves. To better offer a specialised service, Liana can also cater for any diet related medical condition including, but not limited to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and weight loss.