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Baby Bottom Shuffling

At Bodyworks Paediatric Physiotherapy we offer high quality and evidence-based holistic care, to children and their families. Our aim is to create an environment that is fun and engaging for babies and children and individually tailored to your child. Treatment is based around movement and play, that is meaningful and encouraging to your child.

Bottom Shuffling

This is where babies sit on their bottoms and move themselves around using their legs. They sometimes use their arms to propel themselves, rather than crawling. Bottom-shuffling is often seen in babies who have not spent sufficient time playing on their tummy.

Bottom shuffling alone doesn’t indicate anything is wrong. There needs to be a thorough assessment of all areas.  This can also be a sign of coordination difficulties later on in life but not a direct link.

Bottom shuffling can also be environmental, as babies can opt to bottom shuffle instead of crawling to avoid hard surfaces on their knees.


Joint Hypermobility

When the joints in our body have more movement than others, it becomes difficult to keep our joints in a neutral position, which is the best position for the human body biomechanically.

Babies with joint hypermobility can suffer from pain. It is important to keep the muscle strong and active with a range of exercise and activities that children find fun and stimulating.


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