Class Descriptions

An insight into each of our classes

Reformer Pilates


Back to Basics is not easy but utilising the STOTT PILATES Essential and Intermediate repertoire to give you a fantastic full-body workout while making sure your form and execution are on point with lots of cueing and correcting.

This class is great for someone beginning their pilates journey but also for the seasoned professional who loves footwork, abs, and legs in straps.

Sometimes the original exercises are the best, so don't miss out on this overall body workout.




Barre at Bodyworks is an exciting fusion of the principles of dance and the benefits of Pilates exercises

This high-intensity workout choreographed to music is fun whilst still educating you in smooth controlled movement encouraging toning, strength, and flexibility without injury.

The dance-based workout using the ballet barre (hence the name) will keep you fit and firm whilst encompassing the Pilates principles of breath, local control, and global mobility.

Have fun and get fit with our range of Fitness classes. We have the best instructors and equipment to help you along on your fitness journey.

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