We offer a range of pricing options for both our physiotherapy, complimentary health care and fitness pilates services.

Introduction to Fitness Reformer, Matwork & HIIT Pilates

This intro pack is ideal for those who are new to Pilates or our studio.

$130 for the First Month

Get fit the right way with Bodyworks Intro to fitness package.  We make sure you have the right idea from the start with a PRIVATE session and the first month of unlimited classes to be able to try all the types of classes and instructors and develop a habit that works for you.

One Private session with one of our fantastic instructors either in person in the studio

First month of Unlimited Pilates @ Home

  • Reformer
  • Mat Pilates
  • Core / Boxing & Abs
  • Barre

Plus 50% off Additional Private Sessions in First Month (only $49.50 per session)

New clients only.

 Services and Packages



Rehabilitation Initial Consult (1 Hour) $152

Rehabilitation Follow Up (45 mins) $99

Rehabilitation Duo (45 mins) $69

Rehabilitation Follow Up 10 Pack 1:1 Recurring (45 mins) $950

Physiotherapy- Hand's On Therapy

Physiotherapy Initial Consult (30mins)$95

Physiotherapy Initial Consult -2 Areas (45mins) $128

Physiotherapy Follow Up (30mins) $83

Physiotherapy Extended Consult- 2 Areas (45mins) $118

Pilates Memberships

Please Discuss with Reception Team

Prices range from $18 p/w- 70 p/w for unlimited memberships



Amputee Initial Consult (2 Hour) $350.00

Amputee Follow Up (45 mins) $113.00

Report Writing (per hour) $150.00



Neurological Initial Consult (60 mins) $152

Neurological Follow Up (60 mins) $130

Report Writing (per hour) $150.00



Scoliosis Initial Consult $152

Scoliosis Follow Up $103

Scoliosis Duo $67

Women's Health

Women's Health Initial Consult (60 mins) $152

Women's Health Follow Up (45 mins) $103

Remedial Massage

45 Minute Remedial Massage $88.00

60 Minute Remedial Massage $100.00

90 Minute Remedial Massage $142.00

Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology Initial (60 mins) $152

Exercise Physiology Follow Up (45 mins) $99.00



Strength for Life

Strength for Life Assessment: (LLLS01) $85.00

Strength for Life Group Class: (LLLS02) $15.00

Strength for Life Group Class

Concession Price: (LLLS02) $12.00

Got Questions? Would You Like To Arrange A Booking?

A quick chat with one of our team members can answer all your questions and get a booking arranged for you.  Simply call us on (08) 9381 5565, or pop your details into the form below and we'll be in touch.

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