New to Bodyworks?

We'll help you get started!

Don't be afraid of being a beginner.  Our team at Bodyworks are here to guide and support you along the way.  Read the information below for some answers to frequently asked questions.

What to wear & bring

Loose or stretchy clothes that are comfortable, cool and allow you to move freely are best. Please, no pants with zippers, as it tears the leather on our Reformer machines and we want them to remain in the best condition for you.

Pilates – Reformer & Barre must be done with socks. We do sell “Move Active” grip socks, which are ideal for every class at Bodyworks.

A water bottle is recommended but we have a water fountain at the front desk to drink from or fill up your drink bottle.

Leave your street clothes and other bulky items in our blue boxes during class; we have cameras on site for the protection of your valuables.


Arrive 5-10 minutes early

If it’s your first class, we’d love to show you around our beautiful studio, and we’ll need a minute to introduce you to your instructor. All group classes start promptly. For the safety and enjoyment of all participants, we ask that you don’t enter the class more than 10 mins past the start time and let our reception staff know you’ll be running late so we can inform your instructor.


When you arrive for your class, please say hello to our lovely reception staff and check in using the iPad if you're attending a Fitness Pilates class. The iPad cannot be used for rehab classes so you'll need to check in with the reception team.

For posture, flexibility and general strength

We recommend attending 2-3 classes per week, spaced 1-2 days apart to allow for recovery. This is what the latest research shows makes the biggest change and helps you develop a long term habit.

For weight loss, fitness and serious strength

You’ll need to come 3+ times per week and we recommend our LOAD, Cardio, or Barre to give you that cardio aspect. For optimal weight loss, you should also maintain a well-balanced diet while exercising regularly.

Which Class?

If you’re new to Pilates we recommend starting with our introductory offer that includes a discounted private session with one of our physiotherapists or Pilates instructors or beginning with our Intro class. This will give you the opportunity to learn the 5 basic principles and get to know our instructors. You'll and get some guidance on what will work for your body, continuing on with our fitness classes to help you find your groove, times and instructors you like. If you’re not new to Pilates but are just getting back into your fitness routine, we recommend starting with Back to Basics or LOAD classes.

Book and waitlist classes from your phone

Download the Bodyworks Subiaco app for iPhone and Android. You can use the app to book, waitlist, cancel or reschedule your classes. You can also view your schedule and purchase credits. You can also use the app to update your personal information, communication preferences, and credit card details.


If a class is fully booked, you can join the waitlist and receive an email once you’re placed in a class. If you make it into a class and don’t confirm your spot, you will receive a confirmation call from our reception staff.

No-show & late cancellations

Fitness Pilates Cancellation

We have a ‘3 strike’ policy to stop you from pressing snooze (more than once in a while). This means you can late cancel 3 classes and then any late cancel or no show after 3 will mean a loss of your monthly bookings (you will be required to book as you go). Our classes often fill up, and we have other clients waiting patiently on the wish list. When booking your classes online, please make sure you’re able to make it in, or cancel your class before the cancellation deadline (6 hours before class commences). You will make someone’s wish come true and you won’t receive a cancellation penalty.

A little tip. In order to reduce the chance of receiving a penalty, please call reception to let us know you need to cancel or email, rather than cancelling last minute using the app or no-showing.

No-show & late cancellations

Rehab Pilates Cancellation

We have the same ‘3 strikes’ policy for Rehab classes. You can late cancel 3 classes and then a $30 late cancel fee for each class missed going forward. If you are unable to keep a scheduled Rehab Physio Semi-Private Group class or appointment, please give 24-hours advance notice. If less than 24-hours is given and we are unable to fill your space, you will be required to pay a late cancellation fee of $30.

We understand that at times, due to the twists and turns of day to day life, you’ll be unable to attend a class you’ve booked. Have no fear, we still like you! The “3 strikes” system is designed to allow for those unexpected or unavoidable events that keep you from making it to class, whilst also helping you get out of the bad habit of hitting the snooze button.

Change rooms, showers & personal belongings

We don’t have lockers. Instead, there are cubbyholes with blue boxes to put your personal belongings in where they are near by your session and protected by security cameras. We have two showers on either side of the toilets. We have two change rooms near the big stairs with mirrors and somewhere to hang your clothes. We kindly ask that you bring your own towel, soap, beauty products and hair dryer to use.

Direct debits

Please be aware direct debit payments are processed through Ezi Debit and will show up as Ezi Debit, not Bodyworks Subiaco on your statements. If you go on holiday you can suspend your direct debit but need to let us know two weeks prior via email. In order to terminate your direct debit, you need to give us one month’s notice via email please. This is designed to help you develop great habits without locking you in.