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Amputee Rehabilitation Services

Bodyworks Subiaco offers tailored amputee rehabilitation exercises and techniques both for prosthetic and non-prosthetic users through rehabilitation techniques using resistance-based Pilates equipment.

Individuals who are born with a congenital limb defect or have undergone the surgical removal of a limb can become limited functionally and feel very disabled due to the increased metabolic cost of walking, altered sensory control, muscular contraction and activation, and feel the effects of other co-morbidities such as cardiopulmonary or musculoskeletal side effects.

The level of every individual amputation can vary and therefore differences in gait biomechanics are observed. The relocation of musculature not only changes the sensory function but also affects muscle use and disuse. Muscle wastage begins during the period of inactivity that starts before and continues immediately after amputation surgery, and this has a cumulative effect on functional activities such as walking and stair climbing.

The main goals are to help strengthen the muscles surrounding your pelvis and spine to assist with promoting optimal movement patterns and avoid secondary musculoskeletal back/pelvic pain and help with your activities of daily living hence improving function.

We consider a holistic approach to management by focusing on individual specific limitations such as balance, sound and residual limb strength and stability, and addressing phantom limb sensations/pain with techniques such as mirror box therapy.

We require an Amputee Rehabilitation Initial Consultation to provide your practitioner with an in-depth history of your amputation, a current level of function and goals to customise your rehabilitation management and program. This will be able to be claimed on private health rebates.


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Neurology Physiotherapy Services


At Bodyworks Subiaco our neuro physiotheraphy takes a holistic approach to Neurological management by focusing the individual’s specific limitations such as sensory-motor control, balance and stability, musculoskeletal changes, learned non-use, pain and reduced cardiovascular fitness that may be affecting one’s function. By looking holistically,  our neurological physiotherapy goal is to enhance movement recovery and promote task-specific training using evidence-based principles of management.

Pathological processes of trauma, vascular abnormalities, lesions or degenerative processes can affect the nervous system. It is important that the motor sensory, perceptual and cognitive aspects of one’s body are assisting one another to create optimal movement patterns. If there is a deficit to one of these systems it can affect one’s posture, movement and activities of daily living.

If you have a neurological deficit that may be impairing your function an appropriate problem-solving approach to assessment and treatment can be very beneficial to aid your rehabilitation.

Neuro physiotherapy for rehabilitation uses treatment strategies for common neurological conditions, such as stroke, brain haemorrhage, Multiple Sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, paraesthesia, muscle atrophy, peripheral neuropathies, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

We require a Rehabilitation Physiotherapist Initial Consultation to provide your physiotherapist with an in-depth history of your condition, a current level of function and goals to customise your rehabilitation management and program. This will be able to be claimed on private health rebates.

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