Remedial Massage at Bodyworks

A remedial massage or sports massage at Bodyworks Subiaco is a specialised massage, at your preferred pressure. It uses a method of manipulating the soft tissue of the body by understanding what anatomy is underneath the skin.

A remedial massage at Bodyworks Subiaco will be individualised to suit your problem and pain management. We will address any areas you are having particular trouble or tightness in. Our Remedial and Bowen Massage Therapists specialise in offering professional massage services to our customers.

30min Remedial Massage

Recommended for focus on a specific area.

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60min Remedial Massage

Recommended for a full body massage.

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90min Remedial Massage

A full body massage with extended focus on specific areas.

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HiCaps @ Bodyworks Subiaco

Our Remedial Massage Therapist, Miyuki Saito, accepts all Private Health Funds

Our Remedial Massage Therapist, Yasuko Nelthorpe, accepts all Private Health Funds.