Strength for Life

Strength for Life is a progressive resistance program to help you manage chronic conditions, build strength and improve wellbeing.

Strength for Life (Previously known as “Living Longer Living Stronger) is an evidence-based progressive strength training and exercise program. It has been designed specifically for the over 50’s and has been operating in Western Australia since 2004.  Come on board and feel great again!

Wellbeing and quality of life can be improved with progressive strength training. Strength For Life provides safe, fun and personalised sessions in approved facilities by expert trainers!

Bodyworks Subiaco is a Tier One provider. This means that qualified exercise physiologists or physiotherapists conduct and supervise all of the assessments and sessions.

Book an Initial Strength for Life Assessment

To get you started with your Strength for Life (SFL) program you will need to bring in a referral from your GP. 

What you need to do

To take part in the program you need to be over 50, or over 40 years of age with a disability. Take a Doctor Referral Letter to your GP and bring the completed form in for your SFL Initial Assessment. You will also need to have completed an Exercise Readiness Assessment prior to the first appointment.
These documents are to ensure we have all the necessary medical information needed. This allows us to tailor your program to your needs.

What we will do

Your SFL Initial Assessment will include some baseline measurements of your strength, mobility, and balance. You will also talk with your exercise physiologist or physiotherapist about your goals for the program. This includes any specific areas you would like to work on.

Once you’ve done the SFL Initial Assessment, we will construct an exercise program for you. You will then be ready for group classes.

Book a Strength for Life Group Session

You’ll be ready to get started with group sessions once you’ve completed your SFL Initial Assessment. 

Bodyworks Subiaco currently offers three Strength For Life sessions times per week. At least two SFL classes per week are recommended in order to see beneficial results. SFL classes are offered at $12 per session (for Concession Card holders).

You will work through your own program after completing a group warm-up. An exercise physiologist or physiotherapist supervises every session. The group will then come back together for a cool-down for the end of the 45-minute session.
After 12 weeks, you can book in for a reassessment and revision of your program. This is so that we can progress exercises as needed. This is so that we are constantly addressing and working towards your needs and goals.

The benefits of exercise on mental health and wellbeing have been proven by research many times. Completing exercise in a group setting can further improve your mood and quality of life. exercising in social settings can also increase your immune function! Therefore, we encourage our clients to get to know one another and chat during and after the sessions. Our hope is to build up a supportive SFL community that you can rely on.

Strength For Life has been shown to have a benefit in the management of:

  • Arthritis
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Bone Density/Osteoporosis
  • Cardiovascular Function/Disease
  • Functional Strength/Muscle Mass
  • Balance/Gait/Falls Prevention
  • Cognitive Function




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